Fred's Bait & Tackle opened at this location in 1957.

We are open 7 days a week - May 1st through Labor Day.  
At other times of the year, operating hours vary.  Please check out website or call us.  Our
phone is always answered by someone during operating hours, as we do not have an answering
machine or pre-recorded information.

Following are some of items we carry:
Reels - Shimano, Okuma, Daiwa, Avet, Abu Garcia, Maxel, US Reel, Penn, Tsunami, Accurate,
Quantum and Pro Gear.
Rods - St. Croix, Tica, Tsunami, Fenwick, Shimano, Ande, Penn and Shakespeare.
Rod and Reel Combos - For children (especially pink combos and character combos), fresh
water, surf, bait casting and trolling.

Rigs - All custom made.  Striped bass, porgy, sea bass, flounder, fluke, croakers & spots,
blackfish, bluefish, snappers, weakfish, cod, mackerel, ling, kingfish, shark and more.
Hooks - Packages and individual.  Mustad, Gamakatzu, Owner, VMC (treble hooks) and Eagle
Claw.  Bunker snagging hooks in 4 different sizes.
Lures and Jigs - Including striped bass trolling lures, umbrella rigs, metals for bluefish,
Norwegian cod jigs and tuna lures.

Crabbing Needs - Maryland crab traps in 3 different sizes, 2-door and 4-door weekenders,
folding crab traps, drop lines, crab tongs and scoop nets.
Sinkers - Different varieties, including hard to find egg, trolling, Sputnik and Hetteras
Sinker Molds - Variety of styles and sizes.  

Nets - Landing nets, crab nets, seine nets, cast nets, bait nets, shrimp nets and umbrella nets.
Waders, fishing boots, life vests, rain gears, fishing gloves and fishing hats.
Tackle boxes, clam rakes (2 styles), killie traps, eel traps, chum pots, sand spikes,
beach carts, rod holders for the car, Dexter Russel knives, knife sharpeners, cutting
boards, clam knives, pliers, hook-outs, killie buckets, folding chairs, coolers, styrofoam
coolers, suntan lotions and bug sprays.

Special orders are welcomed. We can usually get them in three days.

Live/Fresh Bait (subject to availability): sand worms, blood worms, night crawlers, baby
night crawlers, earthworms, meal worms, wax worms, butter worms, fat head minnows, killies,
rosie reds, shiners, eels, fresh clams, fresh bunkers, green crabs, squid and salted clams
(pints and quarts).

Frozen Bait (subject to availability): clam chum logs, clam bellies (2 and 4 gallons),
bunker chum (2 and 4 gallons), spearing, Peruvian spearing, sand eels, peanut bunkers, finger
mullet, 1 lb box squid, cut squid, butterfish,  bunkers, mackerel, sardines, and ballyhoo.

Ice: 7 pound bags and sleeves
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