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                                                                                                      as of 12/13/18

Striped Bass - Sewaren, Edison ramp and all the bridges and rivers like Morgan Bridge,
Arthur Kills, Outer Bridge, Train Bridge and 35 Bridge. Use rattle traps, poppers, Storm
or Tsunami swimming shads. Drift eels or troll Rockfish candy (Mojo) at Verrazano
Bridge, Twin Island, Wesst Bank Light, and Flynn's Knoll.

Blackfish - 5 fish limit. Use clams and green crabs on size 1 oz - 2 oz blackfish jigs, #4
Virginia or 3/0 Octopus hooks at #20 and #42 rock piles off Raritan Reach, #17 wreck,
West Bank Light and same places as sea bass.

Sea Bass - 15 fish till 12/31. Shrewsbury rocks, Scotland Light, Sandy Hook reef and
Rattle Snake. Use clams, squid, Gulp ghost shrimp and Epoxy jigs.

                                                                                                                             updated 12/13/18