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                                                                                                as of 9/20/16         
Fluke - In the Bay, Keyport pier, Spy House Pier (Port Monmouth), Keansburg
Pier, Keyport buoy 3 & 1, and Keansburg 11A with peanut bunkers, spearing &
squid combo, killies & squid combo and Spro & Gulp combo.
 Season ends on
                                 Sunday, 9/25.


Snappers - Large ones at Perth Amboy, Morgan Creek, Keyport and Port
Monmouth. (Spy House Pier) Use snapper poppers, snapper zappers or

Blue Claw Crabs - Excellent catches at Raritan River, Morgan Creek above
Parkway Bridge, Red Bank, Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers. Use frozen
bunkers. Usually incoming tide, about 3 hours before high tide.

Porgy - Use clam logs to draw them in, use sand and blood worms or clam
strips for bait.  Morgan Creek, Romer Shoal light, West Bank light, and Old
Orchard light.

Weakfish - Some catches in Reach Channel by Princess Bay, Dental Works and
Buoy 10 & 12 on worms.

Bluefish - Some at Cliffwood Beach,Union Beach, Port Monmouth and
Keansburg. Use bunker chunks or metals (like Avas and Gators) or surface

Striped Bass - Some small ones are showing at Morgan Creek, Seabright,
Rumson or Long Branch.  Use rattle traps to imitate peanut bunkers. From
boat: Drift eels at night by Coast Guard Station, Flynn's Knoll and Sandy Hook

                                                                                                                              updated 9/20/16