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                             as of 8/14/14
Fluke-Use Gulp/local spearing, Gulp/Peruvian spearing, Gulp/killies, Spro jig/
Gulp combo, spearing/squid combo, Peruvian spearing/squid combo, sand
eel/squid combo or killie/squid combo.  
Popular Gulp colors for this year are
pink shine, nuclear chicken and white.
 Coney Island reef, Coney Island flats,
Breezy Point, Keyport flats, Keansburg flats, terminal channel at ammo pier,  
Ambrose Channel, Sandy Hook Rip, Sandy Hook North Beach, Reach Channel
(Buoy 52), Round Shoal, South Amboy lighthouse, Keyport #1, Princess Bay,
(Buoy 33 & 35) and Mount Lauretta (weakfish mixed in).

Snappers-At Morgan Creek and Keyport.  Use snapper poppers, snapper
zappers or spearing on a hook with bobber or spearing harness rig.  

Croaker & Porgy-Earl Naval pier, West Bank light (near Atlantic Highland and
VZ Bridge), especially Old Orchard and rock piles at buoy #42 and 20.  Use
blood worms, sand worms, Fishbite, small pieces of clams and squid.

Bluefish-Local beaches from Cliffwood to Sandy Hook especially Cliffwood
Beach and Union Beach.  Use fresh bunker chunks for bait or lures like Gator
spoons, Kastermaster,  Hopkins, SP Minnow or Bombers.

Blue Claw Crabs-All brackish water where fresh water and salt water mixed
together like Raritan River, Morgan Creek or Matawan Creek.  Use frozen
bunkers for bait.

Striped Bass-From Shore:  Local beaches from Cliffwood to Sandy Hook
early in the morning and late at night. Use cut fresh bunkers, fresh clams,
blood worms or sand worms.  
From Boat: South Amboy light house, Raritan
Reach Channel buoy #24 to #20 and #19.  Troll Stretch 25, Polish shad and
Mann's bunker lures.

Seabass-Try Sandy Hook reef, Rattle Snake or Shrewsbury rocks.  Use cut
squid and mackerel skin combo or Gulp ghost shrimp.

Sharks-Threashers are as close as Sandy Hook to 2 to 3 miles off shore.  
Even some small ones are being caught from surf at LBI.  Makos are at
Munster Ledge at Mud Hole.

Blackfish-1 fish limit.  Use clams or green crabs.

updated 8/21/14