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                                                                                          as of 8/23/16         
Fluke - Middle of channel or deep water where it's cool like Keansburg buoy
11A, Earl Naval pier by TC buoy, Chapel Hill Channel 8 & 10 buoy and Coast
Guard Station, range towers, Ambrose Channel buoy 3 & 5, with spearing &
                          squid combo, killies & squid combo and Spro &
                         Gulp combo.

Snappers - Large ones at Perth Amboy, Morgan Creek, Keyport and Port
Monmouth. (Spy House Pier) Use snapper poppers, snapper zappers or

Blue Claw Crabs - Excellent catches at Raritan River, Morgan Creek above
Parkway Bridge, Red Bank, Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers. Use frozen
bunkers. Usually incoming tide, about 3 hours before high tide.

Porgy & Blow Fish - Use clam logs to draw them in, use sand and blood worms
of clam strips for bait.  Morgan Creek, Romer Shoal light, West Bank light,
especially Sheeps Head Bay and Long Island Sound where they are catching
many big ones.

Weakfish - Some catches in Reach Channel by Princess Bay and Dental Works
on worms.

Bluefish - Some big ones at Cliffwood Beach,Union Beach, Port Monmouth and
Keansburg. Use bunker chunks with steel leader hooks or metals (like Avas and
Gators) or surface poppers.

Striped Bass - Late at night and early before sunrise. Outer Bridge, Cliffwood
Beach, Union Beach, Seabright, Rumson and Long Branch.  Use fresh bunkers.
From boat: Buoy 20 and 19 in Raritan Reach Channel, Great Kills, Old Orchard
and ocean side. Snag and drop bunkers or troll bunker spoons,
Stretch 25, umbrella rigs or Rockfish
Candy/Mojo lure.

Black Sea Bass - Squid strips, mackerel strips or combo.  Also use Gulp ghost
shrimp at Sandy Hook reef, Shrewsbury rocks and Rattle Snake.
Season ends
on 8/31.
                                 updated 8/23/16