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Fred's Bait & Tackle
Welcome to Fred's Bait & Tackle!
           Closed for Thanksgiving: 11/27 (Thursday) to 11/30 (Sunday)     

                          WE HAVE BLUE WATER ROCK FISH
                     CANDY RIGS IN STOCK FOR TROLLING                                   
 as of 11/20/14

Striped Bass-From Shore: Finally they are here!  Local beaches from Perth
Amboy to Sandy Hook.  Use eels, fresh clams, blood worms or sand worms.  
From Boat: Sandy Hook rip, South Amboy light house, Raritan Reach Channel
buoy #47, #48, #20, #19, front of Keansburg pier and 11A buoy. Troll Blue
Water Rock Fish Candy rigs, Stretch 25, umbrella rigs, Polish lures, Mann's
imitation bunkers or drift eels.

     10/30 on eels                               10/31 on eels                         11/11 on Rock Fish Candy Rig

                                                                                                                  on white bunker spoon

                                        on Rock Fish Candy Rigs

Blackfish-6 fish limit.  Use green crabs.  All rock piles like Old Orchard,
West Bank light house, Buoy 42 & 20 rock piles, Shark River and Point
Pleasant Canal

Sea Bass-15 fish limit.  Sandy Hook reef, Scotland lights, Rattle Snake, and
Shrewsbury rocks.  Use squid strips and mackerel skin strip combo or Gulp
ghost shrimp.

Bluefish-Sandy Hook but mostly from Seabright and south.  Use bunker
chunks for bait or lures like Gator spoons, Kastermaster,  Hopkins, SP
Minnow or Bombers.

updated 11/22/14


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