as of 8/8/22


Fluke  - From boat - Perth Amboy near sail boats, Keyport in front of sail boats, flats between Keyport and Keansburg, Triangle #53 & "W" Buoy, Seabright, False Hook & Bug Light at Sandy Hook and Romer Shoal. From surf - Perth Amboy pier, Keyport pier or Sandy Hook oceanside. Use spearing, squid, killies and Gulp!

Striped Bass - Keansburg, Port Monmouth, Sandy Hook or fish at night when water is cooler at local beaches. Use fresh bunker chunks or clams. Troll depth of 15' to 20' at Great Kills, Terminal Channel at ammo pier, West Bank Light and Verrazano with Mojo rigs, umbrella rigs and Stretch 25. Also jig with Nichols Ben Parker flutter spoons.

Bluefish - Sandy Hook, Red Bank, local beaches like South Amboy Waterfront Park, Cliffwood Beach and Union Beach. Use fresh bunker chunks and metals.


Porgy - Good size ones (up to 18") at Coney Island flats & reef, Sheeps Head Bay, Verrazano Bridge area, Princess Bay, Dental Works, Great Kills, Keansburg and Sandy Hook. Use blood or sand worms, strips of clams and squid.


Blue Claw Crabs - Excellent catches at Oceanic Bridge, Red Bank, Raritan River and Morgan Creek. Use cut bunkers.


Sea Bass - At Farms and Shrewsbury Rocks. Use clams, squid, Hogy Epoxy jigs and Gulp ghost shrimp. 

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