as of 9/14/21

Fluke - Outer Bridge by the barge, Perth Amboy armory pier & #1 Buoy, Triangle by Buoy 52, Round Shoal, Keyport Buoy 3 by sailboats, TC Buoy by Ammo Pier, Bug Light, Coast Guard Station, Highlands Bridge, and 5S & 7S Buoy at Ambrose Channel. Use spearing, squid, peanut bunkers, Spro jigs and Gulp! Season ends on Sunday, 9/19.

Striped Bass - Sandy Hook and Highlands Bridge early in the morning or late at night when water is cooler. Use cut bunkers, clams and worms with in-line circle hooks. Also use SP Minnow, Storm shads, and poppers. From boat - Troll umbrella rigs, Rockfish Candy, and Stretch 25 at Buoy 19 Reach Channel, and Buoy 14 Sandy Hook Channel.

Porgy - Statue of Liberty Island, Breezy Point jetty, Coney Island flats & reef, Verrazano Bridge, West Bank Light, Twin Island, Sandy Hook reef, Highlands Bridge, Shrewsbury Rocks, and Reach Channel Buoy #20 rock pile. Use clams and worms.

Snappers - Use snapper poppers, snapper zappers, and spearing. All local rivers and bulkheads.

Blue Claw Crabs - Perth Amboy pier, Crab Island & Train Bridge in Raritan River, Spy House pier in Port Monmouth, Red Bank by the hospital, Marine Park, and Oceanic Bridge. Use cut bunkers for bait. Also use scoop nets and drop lines.


Bluefish - From Perth Amboy to Sandy Hook. Use cut bunkers, SP Minnow, surface popper, diamond jig with red or green tail, and Gator Spoons.

Blackfish - 1 fish limit at Shrewsbury Rocks and Old Orchard Light.

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