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as of 5/24/23

Striped Bass - From surf: Perth Amboy pier, South Amboy Waterfront Park, Cliffwood Beach, Pebble Beach and Union Beach. Use bunker chunks, clams sand worms or any light color lures like SP Minnows, Joe Baggs Swaters, No Live Bait Needed, Storm shads and Yozuri lures. From Boat: Raritan River, Train Bridge, Arthur Kills, Outer Bridge, South Amboy light house and Sandy Hook. Troll umbrella rigs, Rock Fish Mojo rigs, Stretch 25 and jig with flutter spoons.

Fluke - Perth Amboy sailboats, South Amboy lighthouse & the Triangle, Keansburg & Ammo Pier and Shark River. Use spearing, squid, Gulp and Spro jigs.

Bluefish - Local beaches including Perth Amboy, south Amboy Waterfront Park, Cliffwood Beach, Union Beach, Leonardo Naval Pier and Sandy Hook. Use bunker chunks and metals.

Black Sea Bass - Shrewsbury Rocks, Sandy Hook reef, Old Orchard Light and Rattle Snake. Use clam strips, squid strips, Gulp! ghost shrimp and Epoxy jigs.


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