as of 8/1/20

Fluke - Chapel Hill Channel Buoy 8 & 10, Flynn's Knoll, West Bank Light, Verrazano Bridge, Romer Shoal Light, and Ambrose Channel Buoy 5S & 7S.  Drift with spearing and squid combo. Also try Spro jig and Gulp combo or Viper spoon with squid strip or Gulp.

Sea Bass and Porgy - Drift then anchor by Sandy Hook Reef, Shrewsbury Rocks, Scotland Light, Rattle Snake, Coney Island Reef and Breezy Point. Use cut bait like clams, squid, and bunker skin. Also jig with 1 to 2 oz diamond jigs or Epoxy Jigs. 

Bluefish - 2 to 3 pound cocktail blues at local beaches like South Amboy, Cliffwood Beach, and Union Beach. Use bunker chunks or metals.

Blue Claw Crabs - Crab Island & Train Bridge in Raritan River, Morgan Creek above Parkway, Red Bank, and Toms River. Use frozen bunkers.

Striped Bass - Surf: local beaches late at night or early in the morning when water is cool.  Use cut clams and bunkers, cast Storm shads, plugs or spoons.  Boat: Troll throughout Reach Channel with white or chartreuse Rockfish Candy, umbrella rigs with shad, bunker spoons or diving plugs.



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