as of 12/1/21

Striped Bass - Mixture of shorts and keepers at local beaches like Perth Amboy pier, South Amboy Waterfront Park, Cliffwood Beach, Union Beach and Keansburg. Keeper sizes at Sandy Hook, Highlands Bridge, and south. Use clams, worms, and cut bunkers with in-line circle hooks. Also use SP Minnow, Storm shads, and poppers. From boat - Troll umbrella rigs, Rockfish Candy, bunker spoon, and Stretch 25 at Statue Liberty, Ellis Island, Verrazano Bridge, West Bank Light, Buoy 8 & 10 Chapel Hill Channel, Buoy 14 in Sandy Hook Channel by Flynn's Knoll, Terminal Channel at Earl Naval Pier, and 11A Keansburg pier. Also drift eels and cast flutter spoons.

Black Sea Bass - Shrewsbury Rocks, Rattle Snake, Scotland Light, and Sandy Hook Reef. Use clams, squid strips, clam and squid combo, Epoxy Jig, Ava Jig, and Deadly Dick.

Blackfish - Shrewsbury Rocks and Old Orchard Light. Use green crabs and clams.

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