as of 8/4/21

Fluke - Outer Bridge by the barge, Perth Amboy armory pier & #1 Buoy, Triangle by Buoy 52, Round Shoal, Keyport Buoy 3 by sailboats, TC Buoy by Ammo Pier, Bug Light, Coast Guard Station, Highlands Bridge, and 5S & 7S Buoy at Ambrose Channel. Use spearing, squid, killies, Spro jigs and Gulp!

Porgy - Statue of Liberty Island, Breezy Point jetty, Coney Island flats & reef, Verrazano Bridge, West Bank Light, Twin Island, Sandy Hook reef, Highlands Bridge, Shrewsbury Rocks, and Reach Channel Buoy #20 rock pile. Use clams and worms.

Blue Claw Crabs - Perth Amboy pier, Crab Island & Train Bridge in Raritan River, Spy House pier in Port Monmouth, Red Bank by the hospital, Marine Park, and Oceanic Bridge. Use cut bunkers for bait.

Bluefish - From Perth Amboy to Sandy Hook. Use cut bunkers, SP Minnow, surface popper, diamond jig with red or green tail, and Gator Spoons.

Sea Bass - Jig with Epoxy jigs or use clams and squid at Old Orchard Light, Shrewsbury Rocks, Rattle Snake, and Scotland Light. 

Striped Bass - Sandy Hook and Highlands Bridge early in the morning or late at night. Use clams and worms with in-line circle hooks. Also use SP Minnow, Storm shads, and poppers. From boatSnag and drop bunkers using in-line circle hooks, troll umbrella rigs, Rockfish Candy, and Stretch 25 at Buoy 19 Reach Channel, and Buoy 14 Sandy Hook Channel.

Snappers - Small ones are starting to show. Use snapper poppers, snapper zappers, and spearing. All local rivers and bulkheads.

Blackfish - 1 fish limit.

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