as of 7/13/20

Fluke - Some surprising catches at Arthur Kills by Outer Bridge and Raritan River by Train Bridge. Keyport #3 & #1 buoy, Keansburg 11A, Leonardo flats, Highlands flats, Coast Guard station, Bug Light, and Ambrose Channel #5 & #7 buoy. Drift with spearing and squid combo. Also try Spro jig and Gulp combo or Viper spoon with squid strip or Gulp.

Bluefish - 2 to 3 pound cocktail blues at local beaches like South Amboy, Cliffwood Beach, and Union Beach. Use bunker chunks or metals.

Sea Bass - Drift then anchor by Sandy Hook Reef, Shrewsbury Rocks, Scotland Light, and Rattle Snake. Use cut bait like clams, squid, and bunker skin. Also jig with 1 to 2 oz diamond jigs or Epoxy Jigs. 

Striped Bass - Surf: local beaches. Use cut clams and bunkers, cast Storm shads, plugs or spoons.  Boat: Troll throughout Reach Channel with white or chartreuse Rockfish Candy, umbrella rigs with shad, bunker spoons or diving plugs.



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