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as of 9/25/23

Striped Bass - From surf: Schoolies from South Amboy to Sandy Hook. Use bunker chunks and clams. From Boat: Terminal Channel at Earl Naval Pier, Sandy Hook Channel #14 and Flynn's Knoll. 

Bluefish - Local beaches including Perth Amboy to Union Beach, Leonardo Naval Pier and Sandy Hook. Use bunker chunks, mackerel chunks and metals.

Blue Claw Crabs - Morgan Creek, Keyport, Navesink River, Shrewsbury River, Oceanic Bridge, Red Bank and Shark River. Use bunker chunks for bait.

Spots - Highlands to Keansburg. Use sand worms with small hooks.

Porgy - Coney Island flats and Breezy Point. Use small pieces of worms or clams.

Blackfish - Shrewsbury Rocks, the Farms and Old Orchard Light. Use clam strips, squid strips and Epoxy jigs. 1 fish limit.

Snappers - Morgan Creek and Keyport. Use spearing, snapper poppers and snapper zappers.

Sea Bass - Season starts Oct 1.

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